Welcome to the Instacam Main Page

If you wish to connect or hotlink, goto irc:freenode.com and join #instacam

The Instacam Project uses the shackspace infrastructure but is not an official shackspace project or affiliated in any other way.

Images refresh every 60 seconds, you do not need to hit F5 the whole time (autorefresh is in place). I just gave up getting ustream or justintv to work. Taking snapshots 'just works'...
The 'Archive' contains snapshots taken every 5 minutes of the first day till yesterday. Due to a number of factors the archive is not time-consistent, sorry about that.
This project is described in great technical detail at The shackspace WIKI Instacam Page.

Instacam Screenshot:

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Chrome: "Right-click -> open image in new tab" for full width
[last 24 hours] [archive]

Infracam Screenshot:

[last 24 hours] [archive]